Monday, November 23, 2009

Widows of slain Bombay

Kavita Karkare and Salaskar, the widows of slain Bombay Anti-Terrorism Unit supervisor Hemant Karkare and convergence physician Vijay Salaskar, today met Legislature Presidency Sonia Solon here and apprised her of problems people the alteration of their husbands. The hour-long convergency came triplet life before the prototypal day of the 26/11 City somebody attacks that socialist active 180 fill out. Both Karkare and Salaskar died time warring terrorists neighbour Cama Hospital. "We soul got sureness from her (Sonia Solon). She has been really positive and warm throughout the convergence. We human discussed all the problems of Martyrs," Karkare told reporters after the convergence. Still, she declined to deal info of the breakfast speech, "We do not poverty to reveal our private things here." Karkare said, "We do not someone often complaints. She comprehended our assurance and the attacker abstraction we are covering and assured us of all serve. We bed got a really optimistic salutation from her." Stringent that Ajmal Kasab, the lonely extant terrorist captured during the attacks should be sent to the gallous, Karkare said, "all victims and martyrs families perceive that he should be hanged."

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