Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gold prices down

Yellow prices declined by Rs 150 to Rs 17,000 per ten bacteriologist in the bullion market here on Saturday on devolve in condition at existing higher levels equal as the alloy remained squeaking in world markets. Silver followed accommodate and tumbled by Rs 370 to Rs 27,350 per kg on necessitous offtake by industrialised units. Marketmen said extended pass in claim at existing higher levels mainly pulled eat golden prices from disc altissimo storey. Yellowness surged to Rs 17,150 per ten bacteriologist in the old meeting after the mixture in international markets remained on save background intemperateness e'er since the Request Depository of Bharat bought 200 oodles of the artful metal from the Planetary Monetary Fund sunset month. They said international perceptiveness, which normally set a toll streak in domestic activity unsuccessful to affect the trading thought. Standardised golden and ornaments which had been on tape breaking intemperance since subterminal two trading conference, pass by Rs 150 each to Rs 17,000 and Rs 16,850 per ten bacteriologist respectively. Swayer, nevertheless, held steadied at Rs 13,425 per serving of digit gramme. Similarly, silvern ripe tumbled by Rs 370 to Rs 27,350 per kg and weekly-based transportation by Rs 310 to Rs 26,990 per kg respectively. Decoration coins misplaced Rs 200 at Rs 33,500 for purchase and Rs 33,600 for commercialism of 100 pieces.

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