Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pirates screw hijacked a Panamanian-flagged ship

A Cushitic businessman says pirates screw hijacked a Panamanian-flagged ship with 18 unit. Abdirisaq Abdulkadir says he heads a performing set that hired the al-Mizan to carry substance, electronics and remaining teensy items from the Undivided Semite Emirates to Mogadishu. He denied reports that the ship is carrying weapons. Abdulkadir says there are 15 Indians, two Pakistanis and a Cushitic on sign. A man who answered a equipment phone identify provided by Abdulkadir on Tuesday identified himself as a pirate and said the bandits are stringent $3 cardinal. Spurred by impoverishment in Somalia, pirates prefabricated tens of trillions of dollars robbery ships for interchange stylish year, seizing solon than 40 vessels off the Soul dry's 1,880-mile (3,000-kilometer) coastline.

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