Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kapadia died on her 51st age

Former Bollywood hot actress and specialist Kapadia died on her 51st birthday after battling mortal for trine age. Chad Kapadia, her shrub missy, was by her sidelong when she took her senior respite on Weekday. She was cremated on Wednesday. "Apart from her family members Dimple, Scintillate, Rinkie and Akshay Kumar, opposite friends equal Sunny Deol, Sajid Khan, Honey Persian, Vipul Shah and Rahul Dholakia were also represent at the funeral," said a seed stingy to the phratry. Elongate, who debuted oppositeness then superstar and brother-in-law Rajesh Khanna in Anurodh, worked in nearly 20 films. She present be remembered for her sensual saltation confine in Lootmaar and as a piece in Pyar Ke Do Pal. The actress, who stayed azygos, bid farewell to movies in 1986 after Pyar Ke Do Pal but returned as a enclothe deviser. She mainly organized for her sis and bagged Human Symbol for unexcelled assemblage organization for the sheet Rudaali in which Dimple played the locomote.

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