Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hopping moment for Bengali-based actress Andrita Ray

The week protracted fete Durga Puja has already started this Wed and it is pandal hopping moment for Bengali-based actress Andrita Ray (Aindrita Ray). The Kanarese actress, who is eagerly waiting for the ooze of her movie Manasaare with worker Diganth, is all stimulated nigh Durga puja fete in Bangalore. Actress Andrita Ray has already absent labouring with Durga puja play at Ulsoor abode in Metropolis. Conversation to DNA some the Durga Puja, Andita Ray said, "We are actively engaged with the Durga puja in Ulsoor. What I savor the most is serving prasad to hundreds of fill all finished the day. Tho' cold all those fruits that's served as try of the prasad takes a longest clip, I soul been doing it religiously for umpteen age. She additional, "On the second conclusion day, Nabami, my friends and I go pandal hopping around Metropolis. As a kid, on the net day, Dashami, I misused to get enthralled by the sindoor khela that my parent and aunts utilized to be a endeavour of. I desired to be a air of it too, but had to attain do with a tiny smearing on my lineament. What I fuck most active the Durga puja is that I get to be myself." However, Andrita Ray is waiting for exude of Manasaare and Januma Janumadalli. Her beginning show in Dravidian is also waiting for instrument. And her new released show Vaayuputhra is doing well at the Box part. Presently, she busy cinematography Unconstipated Mada a.k.a. Yogish starrer Dhool.

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