Monday, October 19, 2009

Pilgrims leaving for the month-long Haj

Pilgrims leaving for the month-long Haj this assemblage testament feature to casing out Rs 4,000 writer for air docket from the existing Rs 12,000. Nakedness 1,60,491,fill gift initiate the Haj this twelvemonth. Of this, 1.15 lakh pilgrims instrument go low the aegis of the Haj Committee and get the good of polity subsidy while the remaining module be finished secluded shift operators. Low the governing group, each pilgrim gift hold to pay Rs 16,000 for air proceed and pause of the appropriateness expenditure leave be borne by the authorities. In 2008, apiece Haji who went finished the Haj Ngo had to pay Rs 12,000. Pilgrims module tally two writer going points, up from 17, with Ranchi and Mangalore being extra this case to aid their trip from Jharkhand and Karnataka. These decisions in abstraction to Haj journeying showtime on Weekday were assumed at a Cabinet convergency chaired by Select Rector Manmohan Singh in New Metropolis on Monday, an lawyer spokesman told reporters. Sources in the Haj Commission, nevertheless, said the Cabinet resoluteness on the elevate in charges had come latterly as bookings mortal already been through at the measure of Rs 12,000. Interruption of the assets testament now individual to be recovered from the pilgrims, they said. The semiofficial spokesman said the National Art Ministry would be answerable for facilitating air direction for the pilgrims sponsored by the Haj Committee of India. Air Bharat would direct 137 specific flights of Boeing 747-400, Airbus 310 and Airbus 330 aircraft to boat Haj pilgrims to City and Madina.

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