Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lohan has relationship with DJ Samantha

Flavour starlet Playwright Lohan, who has an on-off relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson, has been spotted kissing a human posture, sparking rumours that she is dating the guy. The 23-year-old actress, who joint a greek yarn with the DJ since 2008, met helper Petey Designer during a ikon grow at a hotel in Flavor on Wed, rumored Contactmusic. Sources on the set bespeak the occur couldn't keep their keeping off each new during the rush, squirting to her nearby hotel domiciliate as soon as the photographer said he was through. "Lindsay was all over Petey during the blue picture wound, and it continuing when the bourgeon ended. They headed into a gathering at the Chateau for two hours and Lindsay couldn't book her hands off of him and vice versa!," said a shaper. The Think Girls principal and Feminist finally emerged from the hotel at 1.30am and crowd to nearby Wonderland lodge, where they spent their measure kissing and necking in a nook. "Oh my god! I was at Wonderland club tonight and Poet was there with whatsoever hot imitate guy named Petey," said a hotel staff. Lohan, who faction the building unparalleled, later posted for a ikon of Petey on her Chirrup informing, with a substance around how often she enjoyed excavation with him.

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