Saturday, October 31, 2009

The crackdown against previous Jharkhand gaffer

The crackdown against previous Jharkhand gaffer rector Madhu Koda is exacerbating with over 60 places raided in Jharkhand, Province, Mumbai, City, Kolkata and Besieging by Income Tax and Enforcement Directorate officials on Sat. Koda who was a diplomat before comely the boss parson has been accused of laundering Rs 4000 crore - virtually half of Jharkhand's period budget. Koda was chief rector for nearly two eld, treasury August last assemblage. Now he is an Independent Member of Parliament. The Enforcement Board has already filed a chargesheet against him - the position top pol to be booked under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act. Ujjwal Chaudhary, Manager (Investigations) of the Income Tax division, Province and Jharkhand, says, "When Madhu Koda was the mining reverend and then when he was primary diplomatist, there seem to be transactions involving unaccounted money." In Siege, two properties happiness to Koda were raided and computers were seized from a domiciliate in the stylish Gomti Nagar atlantic. Sources say a bucolic electrification hard that was granted utilise when Koda was leader minster has its state here. Koda's reaction at a exhort discussion nearly 20 days ago - "I totally keep it. I hit no investment whatsoever in any crunchy, imported or Soldier. I made a characterize as an independent, but now people see me as a threat, that's why they are out to unmake me." Is Koda hinting at the Legislature that made an Free MLA equivalent him the chief reverend? With Jharkhand effort to the polls in virtually 20 life from now, Koda may vessel conceptualise himself politically sporadic.

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