Sunday, June 14, 2009

Uttara "Swami" Temple New Delhi

It was a instant when the Southbound Indian aggregation of City was upright a containerful. An fervid devotee of God Swaminatha, who was worshipping an emerald perfection of the Lord supposal to him by Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi, union jpublic ritual of Sri Skanda Shashti, the capture of Baronage Muruga over the demon kings (the triumph of saving over malign) for the fierst case in the twelvemonth 1943. As the geezerhood went by, the Southbound Amerindian assemblage exaggerated manifold and the Shashti celebration became very touristed. The attendance swelled into thousands and the penury for a tabernacle began to be keenly mat.

The explore for a suitable elevated set commenced in 1961. In a woolgather to a devotee, a weeny hillock was indicated as His would-be address by Lord Swaminatha Himself. The hummock was in the bosom of a vast thicket of berry trees. There was only a tiny community, Vasant Gaon, in the vicinity.

Resolute by the unsociableness of this patch and minuscule realising that it would one day get the hub of a vast residential colony, the organisers went roughly their strain for the erection of a tabernacle with solemnity and devotion. The parcel was firstly cleared by the Section of Anthropology as eligible for building a tabernacle. Ina a map purchasable with the Section, the hammock was marked R.P. (Devout Place). The afraid Governing Individual was fain to lot the tract on top of the structure, measuring 589 honest yards, on commerce of Rs. 21,000.

On Vijaya Dasami Day, Oct 18, 1961, Sri Swaminatha Swami Seva Samaj was planned low the situation of Sangeetha Kalanidhi Sri T.L. Venkatarama Iyer, Dominant Retinue judge, for the role of raising finances and constructing the tabernacle.

Money was meagre those life. It came in dribbles. The hillock was acquired in 1963. Sri O.V. Alagesan, then Minister of Petroleum and Chemicals, became the Presidency of the Samaj in the tailing assemblage.

A littlest balalaya was soon put up and weak worship commenced at the choson computer. The Samaj obtained, with the permit of the Authorities of Province, the services of Sri V. Ganapathi Sthapathi, Caretaker of the Grave Grooming Sweet, Mahabalipuram, to train the plan and promise the intellection of the temple. The externalize was golden by H.H. Jagatguru Sankaracharya Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Swamigal of Kanchipuram. His Quality has been the guiding performer of Malai Mandir, as it has come to be popularly familiar, ever since.

A virorous fundraising move was launched. Thanks to the assist rendered by the Churchlike Gift Section of the Dos Polity, the temples in Dravidian Nadu came fore to improve the new propose with an mass endeavour of most Rs. two lakhs. The Andhra Pradesh Government and the Tirupathi Devasthanam contributed Rs. 25,000 apiece. The Swaminatha Swami Seva Samaj conventional every aid from the citizens of City to move with the plans for the constituent of the new tabernacle, in granite libber.

Piece the Swaminatha temple had adoptive the Chola call of architecture, the Sundareswara Temple has adopted the Pallava name and the Meenakshi tabernacle the Pandya name. Thusly, the Uttara Swami Natha Malai is a unequaled meld of all the triplet ancient and renowned styles of Southland Bharat temple structure and mould.

Since 1990 a temple adventurer for Adi Sankara has also been constructed on the premises of Uttara Swami Natha Malai. Today one may say without any gainsaying that a magnificent effort has been made to alter the laurels of Southeastern Amerindic temple structure and work to the Direction.

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