Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Soorya Kalady “Maha Ganaesh” Temple

It is known that in a enclose in the southeastern surface of the Surya Kalady Mana sits Sri Maha Ganapathy giving all prosperities to and removing all hurdles of this clan. Differing from the modal modify here, Genapathy sits with ten safekeeping and his wife 'Vibhodhi'. The Ganapathy in this temple hump daily poojas and Ganapathy Homam etc in a diametrical method and secrecy which is really consecrated and rare.

Surya Kalady Brahma Rakshas - The ancient moslem of this family should be remembered for the root of the name Surya Kalady conjunctive to the Surya (Sun). The eminent and timesaving human in Manthra thanthras (rituals) prayed God sun and premeditated 'Mathra Vidya' from him and persuaded his traducement Surya to be with 'Kaladimana' e'er, thusly the identify unorthodox to 'Suryakaladi Mana'. Every day this someone is reputable with poojas and thoughtful as 'Brahma rakshas Moorthy'. Thiruvitharnkoor Devaswam Table move Palpayasam Nivedyam to this principal every day.

Vinayaka Chathurthi - 'Sukla Paksha Chathurthy' day of period 'Chingam' is real main for Surya Kalady Maha Ganapathy. Celebration ceremonies starts life before and on the unvarying day all who get to this temple are treated as. 'Ganapathy' ladies as 'Vynayaki' and children as 'Bala Ganapathy'. After 'Kalasabhishekam' of noon pooja. there present be 'Maha Prasadamoottu' which is proverbial as 'Ganapathy Prathal' (Oottu, Prathal- supply). On this day we can preserve and pray in the temple all abstraction.


  1. Hmmm,nice temple.But, Borobudur is more Beatiful...

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  3. the picture shown above is not of suryakaladi mahaganapathi.The difference is that surya kaladi mahaganapathi has 10 arms,wife; lakshmidevi on his lap and so on...