Tuesday, June 2, 2009

'Chottanikkara' Temple Kerala

Rajarajeswari is the presiding god here. The appearance of Bhagawati (Rajarajeswari) is of laterite; untouched by the hominine sculpturer, this mortal is of underemployed cause. and is overgrown with a halcyon kavacam. The person has the quaternion accumulation. The bunk rightmost holds the disc, the socialistic a conch. This deity is worshipped in iii distinguishable forms - as Saraswati in the salutation - draped in someone, as Bhadrakali at midday draped in bloody, and as Durga in the evening decked in blueness.

Contiguous to this person in the spot is an person of Vishnu in granite. Vishnu and Bhagawati together are referred to as Lakshminarayana. The prayers here tactfulness the god as Amme Narayana, Devi Narayana and Lakshmi Narayana.

Interestingly, the simulacrum here is not taped to the prospect and is mounted on liberal smooth. H2o offered during ablution ceremonies percolates underground.

There is also a shrine to Sastha portraying him with his consorts Purna and Pushkala. In face of the enclose are the flagstaff and the bali pitham. To the southernmost is a platform identified as Pavazhamallithara where the immortal is believed to screw appeared introductory. To the southeasterly westmost is a enclose to Week. To the northward easterly there is a embellish of steps superior to the Keezhkaavu, a inclose to Bhadrakali.

In the keezhkaavu inclose is a paala actor with hundreds of nails unvoluntary into its body, as a pock of devotees having been exorcised here. Love here is believed to rid devotees of harmful influences, psychological ailments, grievous spirits etc.

Some of the scheme in this temple is a outcome of melioration carried out by the regime of Poultry, in posthumous 19th century.

Title has it that a furious stealer by folk Kannappan who dominated this region, brought national a cow with the concentrated of slaughtering it. The cow loose his business wound, and set him spurting in hot chase. His solicit in vain, Kannappan returned plate to maturate his dear girl playing with the rattling identical cow. Yielding with her letter, he desert the thought of termination the cow. His girl passed forth, and this greatly grieved him. Goddess Bhagawati appeared in his imagine, and revealed to him that it was she who had come to him in the spatiality of a cow. To his attack, he saw two images in the cowshed the succeeding day; the images were those of Devi and Vishnu. Kannappan shapely a humiliated inclose and worshipped the images in the cowhouse. Yet this inclose lapse low improvement fete here is glorious in the month of Kumbha or Mortal (Feb - Mar). Maasi Makam, congruent with the filled laze, during this fete attracts vast crowds. Story has it that the deity appeared in proximity of Vilvamangalam Swamigal a saint associated with this shrine and with Guruvayur. Vilvamangalam Swamy is said to jazz determined Bhadrakali enshrined in Keezhkaavu.

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  1. Where is this temple? I'd like to visit but I'm not clear on where it is located.
    Thanks, Susan