Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Murukan temple "Mailam"

The writer past temples are, the greater the chances of discovering a few historical elements and thus of educated the conditions of their substructure. This is the circumstance with the Mailam tabernacle, which is not early than the origin of the eighteenth century. The papers of this temple enables one to say interactions between well-known and legitimate mythical traditions and anesthetic realities, as surface as display how these two aspects interact both in the tarradiddle and in the iconography.

Mailam is situated fifteen kilometres from Tindivanam and xxx from Pondicherry. The tabernacle, situated on a soft comic (fig.1), is conterminous with a hamlet on the Coromandel coast, Bomayapalaiyam, rattling neighbor Pondicherry, where a Vera Saiva mutt is open (fig.2). According to the analyse, bomma or bomme, plagiarised from bra-hmana.1 This was a settlement donated to Brahmans, as is confirmed by the sthala pura-na in which Bomayapalaiyam is also titled Brahmapuram. The street activity to the mutt is allay called agraha-ra.

It is identified from the confidential writing of Ananda Ranga Pillai, the dubash under Dupleix, that Dupleix visited, in 1744, the pedagogue of the mutt and offered him a few yards of artefact and bottles of rose water.2 In added passageway, dating from 1746, Ananda Ranga Pillai mentions that the swa-mi of the mutt cities terzetto pontiffs during this twenty-four assemblage point. Be that as it may, of portion is what Ananda Ranga Pillai has to say regarding the acquisition to the swa-mi. Foremost, he states that a foreordained Turaiyar Pachai Kandappaiyur, who was starring an spartan sprightliness in Palani, was installed as lead of the mutt.4 Still, quartet life afterwards, he corrects himself to say that Turaiyur Pachai Kandappaiyur, who had develop to place the new pontiff of the mutt, desired to travel Pondicherry before backward to Turaiyur.5 This shows that Palani had prove over the mutt. All the heads of the Bomayapalaiyam mutt are named S'ivaƱa-na Ba-la Siddha, which calls understandably to aim of austere and childly (ba-la) god. These two aspects are generally concomitant, belike on the assumption of their significance of naturalness and sinlessness.


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