Monday, August 10, 2009

Tirupporur murugan temple

Tirupporur is an old temple dating game to the Pallava phase and is one of 33 great temples in Dravidian Nadu sacred to the worship of Murugan. Tirupporur is situated 25 kilometres north of Chingleput and is connected by bus writer with City at a length of 45 kilometres.

Tirupporur is also famous as Po-riyu-r or Yuddhapuri or Samarapuri. It is said that after vanquishing Soorapadman at Tiruchendur, Skanda ruined the intermit of the demons here at Tiruppo-ru-r ('abode of the spiritual war') in passing engagement.

In ancient times, Baronage Vishnu and his associate Lakshmi were subjected to the swearword of Kanva rishi. Noble Siva came to this localize and free them from its effects. Therefore, Tirupporur temple is a really momentous enclose devoted to the worship of Lord Siva as source as his son Murugan. The sthalapurana discloses that at this approximate Murugan with his consorts Valli and Devayanai granted security to devas and expounded the signification of Pranava to Agastya Muni.

According to fable, Skanda enunciated the generalization of pranava or realism to the devas here. The rattling thought of Pranavam is said to screw worshipped Skanda here, and the construction down the tabernacle is notable as Pranava Malai. Title also has it that Vishnu worshipped Shiva on the Pranava Hill. Legend also has it that Skanda worshipped Shibah as Vanmeekeswarar to rid himself of the sin of having killed Soorapadman.

Tirupporur Devasthanam preserves Pallava inscriptions from as incipient as the 10th century as intimately as from the period of Vikrama Chola of the 12th century CE. As evidenced from an writing initiate on a pericarp structure in this tabernacle, one is sloped to conclude that the temple moldiness screw been originally built in the rule of Pallavas because of the two birudus of atyantakama and adiranachandra attributable Rajasimha (Narasimha Varma II). Tirupporur flourished in that age but disappeared into obscurity for some minute.

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