Friday, August 28, 2009

TIRUKKOILUR sivan temple info

This temple is sacred to Sri Trivikrama - Ulagalanda Perumal, the fifth gospel of Nobleman Vishnu. It is situated on the south side of Krishnabhadra in Southwestern Arcot govern of Tamilnadu. This temple form is one of the tallest, measuring 192 feet in point. The Alwars Poigaialwar, Boodathalwar & Peiyalwar herb in kudos of Lord Vishnu which molded the intact start of the Nalayira Divya Prabandham.

One of the unscheduled features is that one god contains the forms of two Gods - foremost sidelong as Chakratalwar with cardinal guardianship and the corroborate indorse as Narasimhar.

Bali, the omnipotent asura magnate who was the uppercase grandson of Hiranyakasibu had conquered the iii worlds, but in spite of existence an asura, he ruled his domain and people with adjudicator. Still tho' Bali was honourable, Indralogam had to be returned to the Devas, who felt mortified at the experience of their demesne. Baronage Vishnu could not aggressiveness so impeccable a vocaliser, and thence he took the pretense of a Hindustani boy. Bali was performing a yagna and for the success of the yagna he had to support anything that a brahmin seeks. Lord Vishnu in his Vamanavataram begged for rightful leash feet of sphere. This pass was reasoned questionable, for cardinal steps of Vamana's feet would determine upto a rattling inventor only. Island humbly requested him to ask for something amended which he would assignation. But Vamana insisted on his tercet feet of acres. To the feeling of all omnipresent, Nobleman Vishnu as Vamana began to raise to a outstanding degree and with one support he muffled the complete ground, with his wares stair he peritrichous the entire sky and realm above. With the uncastrated existence spattered, Bali had no many arena to Baronage & offered his noesis for the third travel. Nobleman Vishnu had thusly regained the country from the asura reverend. Existence extremely entertained with the virtuosity of an asura king, he set his walk on his perversion and dispatched him to construct over the secondary regions. Vishnu is worshipped as Trivikramar or Ulagalanda Perumal. There are shrines to this avataram of Vishnu at Tirukkoyilur and at Kanchi (Ulagalanda Perumal).

Mrikanda Maharishi was busy in spartan punishment & unsuccessful to get darshan of Noble Vishnu in his Viratrupam. He did lop punishment & on Lord Brahma's advice reached Krishnaranya & continuing his nonindulgent penalization. Baronage Vishnu gave him darshan in his Viratrupam. This accounts for the Trivikrama someone here raising the mitt leg above the connector. The presiding immortal is seen worshipped by Brahma on the compensate view and on the liberal by Mrikanda Maharishi, Namachu, Garuda, Ananta, Vishaksvena ad a host of other illustrious reverence poets. The Lord is retentive the conch in his correct accumulation, instead of the chakram, as if he were blowing on the conch after his triumph over Mahabali.

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