Friday, August 28, 2009

MELMARUVATHUR amman temple info

The devotees anticipate in "Ore Siamese and Ore Kulam". The devotees are permitted to begin into the garbha griha (exclusive chamber) & pray to the Goddess. Fill of all religions Hindus, Christians, Jains, Buddhists are allowed to enter the holy & furnish prayers in the decoration they are wonted to. The rubor is Sri Bangaru Naicker. Several good Trusts & Organisations are run low the counselling of Bangaru Adigalar.

The sublime site where the inclose is placed was a slow ground. There was a margosa player exuding a journalist liquid, which was fresh & also vulcanised several ailmets. When this player seam during a cyclone in 1966, a Swayambu Lingam was detected. Adi Parasakthi is reasoned to possess through pooja to this Lingam & thus this Lingam is placed in frontmost of the Adi Parasakthi effigy.

The Adi Parasakthi image (the Archamurti) is insitting comport, set on a mortal take plinth in the structure of a lotus. In strawman of the Archamurti is the Swayambu lingam (self-manifested lingam). The remaining shrines within the tabernacle are -
Puthu Mandapam, where it is believed Adi parasakthi was doing punishment in the contour of a ophidian

Saptakanya Mandapam, with the images of the Sapthakanyas as intimately as the rectangular stones installed at the found

Durga star with Nagendra behindhand the Saptakanyas.

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