Friday, June 17, 2011

Everyone knows that Aamir Khan

Everyone knows that Aamir Khan is perfectionist and no one presume to disorder with him when it comes to business. Still, Pratik Babbar who is virtuous one wrapper old and also the son of Raj Babbar and Smita Patil presume to do this new on the sets of Dhobi Ghat. He prefab the cinema organization act unceasingly on the sets of the wrapping. Not only that but he didn't regularise inform anybody virtually his absence for the day. Eventually, the life actuation was called off and Aamir had to go rear housing. Dhobi Ghat is Aamir's wife Kiran RaoĆ¢€™s directorial launching.

Disclosing most the incident, a organization member said, "Frenzied efforts to suggestion Pratik were prefab, but of no service. Officials from Aamir Khan Productions made repeated calls to Pratik's raiseable, but nobody could analyse him that day."

After whatever measure, the enter unit got to couple that the critic is in Goa. Moreover, the film's actuation was cancelled for succeeding two days due to his absence. "It was rattling crazy of Pratik to go to Goa. He is oftentimes spaced-out," added the communicator.

Nonetheless on his refer, Aamir gave him a repair of text. He said, "Aise kaam nahin chalega. Delight try and read." Then onwards Pratik has not dared to ricochet informally.

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