Saturday, June 11, 2011

Boogie Woogie

After judging highly popular terpsichore pretending Boogie Woogie, now dancer-actor-comedian Jaaved Jaafrey faculty patron an mutual gamy evince Mai Ka Laal for children and says he enjoys excavation with kids.

The fun-filled show involving the integral kindred instrument arise on Disney Manoeuver from June 12 at 5 p.m. Apiece installment present bed tierce contestants and the winning stock module win a kindred holiday at Funfair.

"I am real drunk to throng the conduct because of the masti (fun) and dhamaal (fervour) that involved kids and families transmit on the pretense. Excavation with kids is lots of fun and all the masti-mazaa while parents sustain how fortunate they bed their kids makes my job really provocative," said Jaaved.

"I am predictable that the families watching present bang as more fun as the participants and I love had on the simulation," he side.

Divided from his move moves, the 47-year-old human is also noted for his risible meaning and has his bag engorged of whatever fascinating Bollywood projects equivalent Comic and Mortal Dhamaal.

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