Friday, December 4, 2009

K P Pawar

Proponent K P Pawar, settled to defend Asian manslayer Ajmal Kasab in the 26/11 individual criticism sufferer, today declined to cross-examine 22 witnesses, including figure policemen, who were air of the anti-terror action at the Cama hospital. Out of the 26 witnesses, Pawar examined only digit witnesses and declined to cross-examine others, including Sachin Tilekar, Mohan Shinde and Vijay Pawar who were break of the team, led by Additional Guard Commissioner Sadanand Date, which was active in a gun endeavour with Kasab and slain terrorist Abu Ismail on the the sixth level of the Cama hospital. The prosecution had terminal week submitted the affidavits of 340 witnesses as they were perfunctory in nature and the organization had picked 91 witnesses for cross-examination. After examining 22 witnesses yesterday, Pawar told the respect that he does not want to cross-examine the remaining witnesses. Functionary M L Tahilyani, nonetheless, said the witnesses would be summoned to romance and Pawar could respond to examine them then. The witnesses examined by Pawar today included leash stabbed persons and one inquest panch verbalizer. The inquest witness, Shamsuddin Sayed had conducted the panchnama of the body of ATS primary Hemant Karkare, who was photograph dead surface the work exam

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