Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thiruthani Murugan

Thiruthani or Tiruttani, a place area nearer Madras ( Province) on the Chennai- Tirupati itinerary, in Southernmost India, houses one of the spiritual temples of Nobleman Muruga and is the fifth Aarupadai Veedu . Venerate laureate Nakkerar, in his songs in approval of Peerage Subrahmanya, or Thanigesa Peruman, places Tiruthani in the ordinal area amongst the six engagement places ( Aarupadai Veedu ) that Peerage Muruga has fought to win over transgression.

The temple is a rattling old one and scriptures can be utilized to delineate the temple's creation to as new as two thousand geezerhood ago. The tabernacle is acknowledged be various names any of which are Kunruthor Adal, Thanigachalam, Santhipuri and Skandagiri. This temple is reasoned as one of the most eminent abodes of Muruga.

Tiruthani is situated in Tiruvallur territory. It is 84 km absent from northwest comedienne chennai . The hill temple can be reached either by a motorable touring or through an aviation of 365 steps. Tierce Cardinal and Sixty figure Steps metal to the inclose, apiece support representing a day of the gathering.

Every day, there are quartet specific poojas or sevai. The travel festivity is histories in the month of Aadi while the yearbook Bhramotsavam is histories during the Tamil month of Maasi. In this festivity, special darshan that should not be missed out is the Valli Kalyanam or the union of Baronage Thanikesan with Valli. Aypasi month brings with it the festivity of Skanda Sashti.

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