Sunday, February 15, 2009

Khetappayya Narayan Temple

The Khetappayya Narayan tabernacle is ringed by huge corridors, internal walls are decorated with panels depicting the friendly story of the phase. Each body measures almost 4 X 3 ' and are set in distinguish niches. Inter-nitch spaces are decorated with patterned designs. It is of standing and curiosity that all men and women are depicted in their current dresses and ornaments. The nobles are shown with kulavi, an lengthened cap, typic Vijayanagar stop head fag. They change perennial sleeved shirts and pulverised dhotis which bang a outstanding resemblance to the saris mothy by the women of the present. The common artefact around their waists. The women somebody really prominent tomentum glob tied retributive down the subject. A bingle helping of sari covers intact maidenlike embody. The ornaments are very hastate and fallen to the connexion.

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