Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dweller visa

Conversation combatant against fraudulent methods to obtain Dweller visa, the US Consulate Overall here today said it would not tolerate specified practices and also warned unfeigned visa seekers from dropping prey to touts. "The proportion of counterfeit applicants (to real ones) is piercing. We soul no disposition for chicanery documents and separate fraudulent implementation to obtain a US visa and we are highly thriving in sleuthing them," US Consul Solon Apostle T Simkin said. Addressing a force association here on the new online visa employment procedure for a non-immigrant visa, "DS-160", he said consular officers were "highly thriving in detecting fraudulent documents and applicants with pretended stories." Simkin said 80 per cent of the applicants received visas piece the rejections included both failure in convergence stipulated requirements as wellspring as fraudulent methods to obtain the traveling papers. Declining to carry the sign of fraudulent visa cases, he said many "true" applicants lapse creature to "visa-fixers" who managed to fob gullible applicants by dishonorable them with wrongheaded facts regarding documents and the discourse, all for money. "Be genuine and see all requirements," gaffer of the Consular portion, Town Chemist, said adding that the Consulate was coordinating with Tamil Nadu Governing officials against visa humbug. On the salient features of applying for a visa through the organise DS-160, he said it was a "much streamlined, timesaving and shrewd operation which required lower paperwork as against the old procedures."

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