Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Goa governing on Weekday avowed

The Goa governing on Weekday avowed a currency treasure of Rs 25 lakh to filmmaker, Laxmikant Shetgaonkar for success the criticism's honor at the Toronto Multinational Picture Fete for his pic Pula Poltoddcho Munis (man beyond the plate). The resolve was assumed in the governance body meeting of the Amusement Society of Goa (ESG) held in Panaji on Weekday. This was the prototypal e'er Konkani take to make won laurels in an worldwide event held exterior the state. Though, the criticism's symbol is exclusive consolatory in nature, the ESG definite to righteousness Shetgaonkar with a change approval to enable him to produce films of nasal standardized in neighbor prox. "This is a vain point not exclusive for Goa but for the full region. This accolade has actually contributed to swan our attorney module Konkani, beyond general boundaries. This gift certainly provide as a immense help to all the budding filmmakers of Goa," Gaffer Pastor Digambar Kamat said. The take, which got the qualification on Sept 19, is based on a widowed land official, Vinayak who develops an knowledgeable relationship with a mentally ill woman, and in his attempt in gift her a fair measure to construct her invigoration he risks becoming an outcast in his vocation. The entire 96-minute show was play in the scenic example of Goan villages. The ESG present presently deal a specific use to virtue the manager as compartment as his squad.

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