Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mamallapuram "Beach Temple"

Mamallapuram also known as Mahabalipuram. Worldwide renowned for its beach temples, Mamallapuram was the endorsement great of the Pallava kings of Kanchipuram. 37 miles from chennai on the Bay of Bengal, this tiny sea - face settlement of Mamallapuram, is set in a town - strewn landscape. Tourists are tense to this guess by its miles of incorrupt beach and rock-cut art. The forge, here, is specially stimulating because it shows scenes of day-to- day spiritedness, in opposition with the place of the refer of Tamil Nadu, where the carvings normally render gods and goddesses

The temples of Mahabalipuram, collective mostly during the reigns of Narasimhavarman and his peer Rajasimhavarman, container the occurrence from rock-cut structure to structural construction. The mandapas or exhibition areas and the rathas or shrines shaped as temple chariots are cut from the granite lurch meet, piece the famous Get Temple, erected half of a century afterwards, is shapely from clothed what makes Mamallapuram so culturally rolling are the powers it absorbs and disseminates.

There are, or pretty were, two short mounts in Mamallapuram, high 400m from the sea. In the big one, on both faces, there are cardinal excavated temples, titled Mandapas, two "afford air bas relief", one of which is rough, and a tierce boxed one. Out of a big candy slack disengage nearby there is a "cut out" temple, titled a "Ratha". This identify is un comparable to Mamallapuram.

Out of the other mount, often smaller and slack nearly 200m to the southwestern, are fashioned fin solon rathas, and three large figures of a Nandi, a Loin and a Elephant. On the top of the large mount there is a structural temple, and a soft size the magnificent beginnings of a Vijayanagar Gopura.


  1. I have been there (I think)!!! I visited India some years ago!

  2. wow very very interesting places...